Monday, October 6, 2008

Wyoming job

Just came across my email- Wyoming is looking for a Project WILD Coordinator. Check out the listing at:


Bradford said...

Well played Kenny Ken!

This is a simple but great way for me to keep up with things via interp (I bookmarked your blog). My one suggestion is to post some links on your right side bar for suggested blogs to read and maybe even for your personal music taste. If you want to take that idea further, try to get other teachers to start posting on a blogspot. For instance; Placier could post new interesting news feeds on birds, etc. etc.

Thats it from me for now,
Brad Grant

Ken Bowald said...

Thanks,Brad! I have started a links column, and am trying to get a calendar app. that actually works. Not sure about the personal music thing, as I'm trying to keep it about the program and not about me.

Keep checking back, and making suggestions!

mh said...

Check out