Monday, November 3, 2008

Return to the Arc of Appalachia

If anyone is interested, there is a "team" of students heading back towards the Arc of Appalachia Preserve this weekend (Nov. 8-9) to assist them in removing an unwanted building as a part of their "rewilding" efforts. The Intro trip stopped there this fall, and were very impressed. This is certainly a worthy effort, and they can use our help!

Sign up at the Interp Club meeting this Wednesday, 5pm in the Clubhouse, or let me know if you are interested. We will be car-pooling, as I am unable to attend and drive a school van. If you can drive, and take some folks with you, that would be great!


poohrat said...

the trip was wonderful! we enjoyed being there and helping. we got the house down to its brick foundation! it is one heck of a day, and even though we are all sore from it, we enjoyed it very much. larry, the feller who runs the arc was very happy to see us and we enjoyed the day. for those who didn't go, u missed the best corn and potato chowder i've ever had!

Ken Bowald said...

Great job, Krista, Allyson, Bryan, Tyler, and Nikole! These folks are definitely worthy of our support. I hope we have the opportunity to do more very soon.

Thanks for coming through! Any pictures I can post?