Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Though the break felt incredibly short, we are "hitting the ground running" here at Hocking College. The Interp Club will be meeting starting TOMORROW in the Interp room (NR 106) to work on the mural/quilt project. Anyone (including GRADUATES..hint, hint) can contribute an idea for a quilt square to be added to the project. We are looking for graphics, quotes, designs, or other ideas that could be transferred to a quilt square. It would be great to have a multitude of ideas to choose from. SEND US SOMETHING!!

Aso, please note the new program addtions to the calendar, and feel free to submit any that you would like to be posted. I would particularly like interpretive programs or interpretive training sessions from around the region. I know there is good stuff going on out there, so let me help you spread the word.

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Shirring said...

Something from Ken's starring role in, "How to be a Ladies Man - The Ken Bowald Story" should most definitely be honored on the wall or the quilt. More appropriately, it should be made into a quilt all of it's own, it's such a moving presentation! I watch it every night before I fall asleep. I personally can't imagine a better motivator to enroll in Hocking. Think about it, not only are you learning valuable NR related factoids, but also invaluable life lessons from KEN BOWALD himself...damn. Make it happen new people! If anyone needs a copy of this historic masterpiece, please feel free to email me at Bassgod9@hotmail.com for your very own!