Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentines Day Fundraiser

At our Interp. Club meeting last night, we decided to attempt a Valentine's Day sale of duct-tape roses and cookies. Next Wednesday's meeting will be spent making the flowers, and we need volunteers to sign up and sell them on Thursday and Friday, either in the NR building or the dining hall.

Please let Ken know if you can staff a table for a few hours either day, bake cookies or brownies to sell, and come to the meeting next week (Wednesday, 5pm) to help us create the flowers.


scoobshagg said...

How much would these duct tape roses cost, I may want one or two

Ken Bowald said...

Hi Tim!
We're planning on $1/each, including a card to go along with it.

Will you be up on campus tomorrow or Friday?


scoobshagg said...

I probably will, I just can't pass up a Duct Tape Rose. I'll be there on Thursday.