Monday, December 14, 2009

Ken's office is moving

Even though I just moved to a new cubicle (with windows!), I will be moving again in January. You can visit me in NR 204 (Joe Wakeman's old office), as I will also be assuming the duties of....

Associate Dean of Natural Resources!

Yep- got a promotion, and though I will miss my windows, I will miss (much more) being in the classroom and on the trail with the best students at Hocking College, or anywhere. My ties to Interpretation are deep and strong, and I expect to stay involved as much as possible. There will be new faculty, however, and they will need both support and freedom to move the program forward.

It'll be weird not teaching (in one capacity or another) for the first time in 25 years. (That's right, I started when I was 10! ha!) It is time for a new challenge, however, and a chance to actively pursue a personal vision of Hocking College.

Please still feel free to "drop in" whenever you can, and stay in touch. Since I'm not used to having a door, I plan on leaving it open as much as possible. Thanks to all of you who have expressed congratulations and support.

And maybe the new Interp faculty will be better at blogging!

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Giant_Walter_Bug said...

Congrats Ken. This makes me very happy for Hocking! I know you'll do some wonderful things in your new capacity. I hope you enjoy it as much as you've obviously enjoyed teaching.