Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grad Intern Posting

Looking to stick around Hocking after graduating? We need a grad intern for next year, and the job posting is out!! See below:
NATURE CENTER & ROBBINS CROSSING INTERPRETIVE SITES GRADUATE INTERN (1 year   contract) -  Under the direct supervision of the Dean and Associate Dean of the School of Natural Resources, performs the following functions:  Assists in the daily operations of site; Works closely with students, faculty, and public with interpretive programs; Produces one quality comprehensive audio/visual or brochure and/or update existing materials; Maintains a daily journal; Maintain and repair facilities and equipment where possible; Assists with classes; Conducts tours; Assists in preparing requisitions.  Position Requirements:  Hocking College Natural Resources Graduate; Good public speaking skills and animal handling skills; Good physical condition with ability to lift objects 50 pounds or heavier overhead repeatedly. 

Non-instructional applications are available at the Human Resources Office, JL148 or applicants may send cover letter and resume to the Human Resources Office, Hocking College, 3301 Hocking Parkway, Nelsonville, OH 45764. Deadline to apply is May 12, 2009. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

How Swine Flu spreads

Thanks, Susie Vance!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Volunteers needed for Arts & Music Fest

The 5th annual Nelsonville Arts and Music Festival is taking place on May 15-17, and they are looking for help!

The Childrens' Area, already organized and planned, needs willing workers to assist children with arts and crafts projects on Saturday and Sunday. A total of 6 hours is required (since you will gain admission to the festival for free, including the Willie Nelson concert!)

To schedule a time, email Brian at Stuarts Opera House ( Let him know you are a Hocking Interp student who wants to work in the childrens' area, so he can make sure to give you priority!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Last chance for 2009 NAI Student Scholarship

If you want to apply for the 2009 National Association for Interpretation student scholarship, your chance is fast disappearing! All scholarship applications and paperwork must be submitted by April 15!

All of the memberships from winter quarter should be processed, so you can indicate that you are a member of NAI, even if you haven't received a membership packet. Simply indicate that you were part of my CIG class at Hocking College this past winter.

For application materials, go to NAI's website at:

Click on the "Conferences" link in the left column, follow the link to the National Workshop, and from that page look for the scholarship information link. Let me know if you need a letter from me- I'd be happy to help!