Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calendar updates

Check out the updates to the Interp calendar below. Thanks to Stacey, we now have programs listed for both the nature center and Robbins Crossing. If you are interested in helping out with ANY program, contact Stacey, Dave or Norm to find out more information. The best way to practice your skills, build your resume, and get visible "out there" is to get involved as much as possible!!

Interp Club is moving along....

Lots going on this fall! Cookout tonight at Robbins Crossing, planning for the Halloween trail next week, trying to work out a field trip for November, and long range trip planning (Washington D.C. in the spring?)

If any of you Interp grads have suggestions for upcoming events, or interesting sites we should be heading to, please contact me, or post ideas on the Interp Club Facebook page. It seems to draw a bit more attention than our little blog here!


Friday, October 9, 2009

New Club Officers

Congratulations to the new Interp Club officers:
Allyson Boldon- President
Cory Merritt- Vice-President
Gabe Ross- Treasurer
Tyler Hutchison- Secretary, PR

We're starting out ambitiously- lots of programs this fall, and a great number of trip ideas for the year. We meet on Wednesday evenings at 5pm, in NR 106. C'mon out and support the club, and provide YOUR input for projects and activities.