Monday, August 2, 2010

Yellowstone opportunity!

Just got this in- Interpreter on horseback needed immediately!

Please note that I am in the backcountry during the week and won't be able to reply until the

This is an emergency hire; we need someone who can begin immediately. Our season runs until
early October.

Experience the best backcountry Yellowstone National Park has to offer! Use your wildlife and
botany knowledge to work as a naturalist for Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters. You will have the
opportunity to view grizzlies, black bears, moose, and wolves all while interpreting Yellowstone's
hottest conservation issues for our guests. Guiding horseback tours in Yellowstone is the
adventure of a lifetime. You are not just a tour guide; you are a Yellowstone ecology expert. You'll
learn all about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and add extensive backcountry experience to
your resume.

Interpersonal skills are vital to interacting with our guests. A guide must be able to field any and all
questions about Yellowstone National Park. Knowledge of wildlife, wildflowers, general ecology,
geology, and history is essential. We will point you toward materials that will help you prepare. You
are essentially naturalists working on horseback. The job requires lifting 50 lbs or more, working
in all weather conditions at altitudes of 6,000 to 10,000 feet, very long hours, and very few days

This position is for a backcountry cook. You will be in charge of all cooking on all of our pack
trips. We run trips from four to six days every week. Pack trips are camping trips into the
Yellowstone wilderness on horseback. We camp in tents and sleeping bags and ride horses 15
miles per day. This position requires a great deal of interacting with our guests. You will help them
on the trail and discuss Yellowstone with them over dinner. Each day you will be responsible for
cooking breakfast, preparing lunches to take on the trail, and cooking dinner. You will also help
with packing up food and equipment on the mules. This is truly a great chance to put your
naturalist skills to the test and gain invaluable backcountry experience.

Ideal camp cooks also have great people skills as you are just as much a hostess to your camp as a
cook. Keeping the fire on, the coffee hot and the atmosphere warm and friendly is an important
part of backcountry hospitality.

If you plan to spend all of your summer nights in the local bars, please don t waste your time and
ours applying for this position. We expect all applicants to have a genuine desire to be in
Yellowstone National Park.

We are based out of Gardiner, MT at the North entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Housing is
required on site, shared with other guides, and female applicants preferred because of housing
situation. Pets are not allowed.

A bachelor's degree is preferred. Previous naturalist or guiding experience is a plus, but not
mandatory. Preference given to applicants will be able to demonstrate that they have worked with
horses and have competent riding skills. Applicants must be physically fit and at least 18 years
old. This is an amazing opportunity to explore Yellowstone s backcountry, however it is an
incredible amount of work.

To apply, please e-mail the following in ONE document saved as your name:
* a resume, complete with personal characteristics (height and weight), dates of availability, and
culinary experience (which need not be extensive),
* phone numbers (no e-mails) for three references, and
* a cover letter detailing why you want to work for Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters and what
you will bring to our team.

Please note that I am in the backcountry during the week and won't be able to reply until the

Carrie A. Byron

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