Monday, February 18, 2013

We're Back !

Greetings Everyone !
 After a long break we are back and attempting to resurrect the blog :)
Some exciting things have happened since out last post so let me try to bring you all up to speed.
 Last year thanks to a generous donation from Lowes in Athens, we were able to install a wonderful outdoor garden for our box turtles. The garden has been a great benefit to the nature center by giving us another outdoor station to teach our visitors and local school children. We also cleared our back area and turned it into a great space that is now usable for teaching. We have been able to greatly expand the comfort level of our visiting schools while teaching about aquatic ecology.The kids now have room to spread out instead of being elbow to elbow on the pond deck or standing in the weeds to catch a glimpse of a macro.
 We also hosted our first "Equinox Gathering" here at the nature center. With a little over 50 visitors throughout the day, guests were treated to programs about snakes, hawks, turtles,and insects. We also had about a dozen stations with crafts,educational displays and a letterbox trail, which will become a permanent fixture here at the center. These events will be twice a year, with the next one happening on March 23rd. In addition to programs and crafts this spring, we are also running an art contest for ages 3-18 with prizes in all categories. Shoot me an e-mail for more information on this.
 This spring we will also be expanding out outdoor education stations to include areas for teaching about the importance of our pollinators. We have plans to install an 800 sqft butterfly garden and we are researching the possibility of honey bee hives. The hives would produce local honey which we would sell at Robbins to fund more improvements. An observation hive is included in the plan and would be installed by our lower pond.
 This past weekend we participated in The Great Backyard Bird Count. We had a fantastic time and with a unanimous vote, decided to make it a monthly event. I will post the March date as well as our other program dates in the next week.
 I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of stuff but this sums it up. We are all keeping busy until spring comes and are getting excited for Robbins Crossing to open. Thanks for reading ! If you are interested in making a donation, scheduling a group. or just stoping in to say hi, give us a call at
740-753-6326 (Nature Center)
740-753-6344(Robbins Crossing)


Kenneth Bowald said...

Yay! Thanks for working on this, Barry! I'll try to help whenever I can.

Hocking Woods said...

Thanks Ken !