Friday, March 15, 2013

Upcoming Events !

Hello everyone,
 I wanted to make a quick post about some exciting stuff we have coming up at our sites ! This weekend we will be hosting our monthly bird count/potluck at the nature center. We are collecting information about "who" visits the grounds of the center and entering into our ibird account. This information plays into a bigger project being conducted by Cornell University regarding breeding, migration and the effects global warming is having on our migratory birds. It is ok if you can't tell the difference between a robbin and a cardinal, we will have volunteers handy to help you with your id's :) We will be counting Sunday the 17th from 10 am to 2 pm.

Next on the schedule is our Spring Equinox Gathering ! Last fall we decided to host two annual events to celebrate the wonder of the outdoors and showcase some neat things you can do in nature ! It seemed fitting to plan the events around the spring and fall. This gathering Dave Sagan will set up our star lab and give us a tour of the night sky. Interpretive Instructor and hobby historian is going to share some stories and Native American folk lore with us. Interp student Matthew Blackburn has offered to lead guests on a hike that will illustrate how to identify common trees in the area, and we will finish the day off with our "Snakes Near and Far" program.

 Finally the Senior interp. students are hosting an Ohio History event at Robbins Crossing ! Below is their information, I hope this event carries on and serves as a great opportunity for our community to witness to talent of our students and the richness that is our history !

Come join the Historical Interpretation students on Friday, April 12
from 10 AM to 2 PM at the mid-19th century village of Robbins Crossing
for a trip into Ohio's early history. Robbins Crossing is located on
the campus of Hocking College. There will be traditional hearty
home-cooked meals available as well as local businesses offering their
goods for sale. The students will be hosting this experience and
portraying a variety of important cultural topics in local history.

I hope Spring finds everyone well and as always shoot any questions to me here at

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