Friday, August 1, 2014

Get UP!

For Fathers' Day this year, I was presented with a wristband that electronically tracks my movement throughout the day, and my sleep patterns at night.  As I sync it every day, I am amazed at how hard it is to get to my goal of 10,000 steps!  Part of the peril of becoming an administrator is the tendency to sit at a desk, answer emails, send out memos, make phone calls, and have the entire day disappear into motionless hours.

By returning to Robbins Crossing, I have had more success-  I need to get into the village daily to work on projects that need attention.  The weekends have me moving constantly, but the band doesn't reward me for that, as I don't wear it as part of the period dress (I don't think many folks in the 1850s needed prodding to move around!)  It rides around in my pocket, but doesn't register as accurately.

The one thing it does help with is to remind me hourly to get UP (or at least LOOK up!)  There is a little vibration on my wrist as a reminder that the last hour was sedentary, and I should do something else for at least a few minutes.  While not always practical or possible (kinda hard to jump up during a meeting or presentation!), at least it has provided me with an awareness of the need to refresh my day with some of the reason I chose to pursue this field in the first place.  Not sitting at desk.  Getting OUT THERE!

When I was doing "front line" interpretation and programming, I tried to schedule at least one day/week to get on the trails, explore the parks, brainstorm for new ideas, and breathe outside air.  While teaching, I was fortunate to be able to observe nearly 1000 program presentations (guided walks, stations at Robbins Crossing, events, etc.)  And now, it is great to have the opportunity to walk on dirt again on a regular basis.

You don't need a buzzing wristband to accomplish this, but I suggest that you schedule time to get out there.  Recharge the batteries. Restock the idea shelf.  Reveal hidden meanings.  Remind yourself why you do this in the first place!

Gotta run- my band is telling me to Get UP!

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